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    This is an easy and secure file- sharing service!

  • Checklist/Templates

    Resources for you to download

    Download Checklist

    A super simple checklist of things you will need for your personal tax return

    Download Self-Employment Template

    Keep track of your self-employment income & expenses with this spreadsheet

  • Ahh!  I got a tax notice! 

    What do I do now?

    No need to panic!  Having your return selected for examination does not suggest that you made an error or were dishonest.  


    Please, send us a copy of the notice in its entirety.  We will do a little bit of digging to see what this notice is about.


    If this is a notice generated as a result of something we are engaged to do for you, we will respond.

    We may need a Power of Attorney in order to speak with the taxing agency on your behalf.

    If this is a notice outside of the scope of work we do you, there will be a separate invoice and engagement letter for the notice response.



    The IRS does not send out unsolicited emails requesting detailed personal information. They will not contact you by phone and request payment over the phone. If you have any questions or confusion over correspondence or contact you receive from IRS or any state agency, please let us know.


  • Paystubs/ W-2s?

    Do we process your payroll?  Your employees can access their paystubs & W-2s:




    *Do you need a copy of a prior year's W-2? Send us a message!

  • Tax Season:


    Engagement Letters

    An engagement letter is a written agreement to perform services in exchange for compensation. It is a defining document setting out the responsibilities and obligations of each of the respective parties.

    As each year's tax return is considered a separate service, we must have these on file for each return we prepare for you.



    Tax Organizers

    We will provide you with an income tax organizer to help you gather and document the information we will need to prepare your income tax returns on or around January 15th.


    You will be notified by email when your organizer is ready in your Sharefile account.


    If the organizer is a little cumbersome, you can always download our "Super Simple Checklist"




    We will send out general reminders related to tax season November through March.

    Please add us to your contacts so that these reminders do not end up in your spam/junk folder.


    Did you know that we receive half of all the tax returns we are going to prepare in the last 2 weeks of March?
    This can lead to a little bit of a bottle neck immediately before the personal filing deadline, which is why we encourage you to submit your information as soon as you can!



    FAFSA filers will want to get their application in as soon as possible after Jan 1.

    If you have any questions regarding the tax information needed for your FAFSA, please let us know.


    Drop-off Deadline

    In order to guarantee a timely filing we need to have your information no later than:


    THURS FEB 25, 2016- Corporate Tax Return Information


    TUES MARCH 29, 2016- Individual Tax Return information


    * Any information turned in after this drop-off deadline will cause your tax return to be extended.



    Filing Deadlines


    The corporate tax return deadline is: TUE MARCH 15, 2016


    The individual tax return deadline is: FRI APRIL 15, 2016



    E-file Authorizations

    The E-File Authorization is the form you sign authorizing us, Godwin & Associates, to electronically file your tax return. We e-mail these for signature when we are finishing up your return.


    *This is not a copy of your tax return. If you have any questions about how these numbers were calculated we are more than happy to go over that with you.


    We are required by federal and state agencies to file electronically, whenever possible. There are very few incidences when paper-filing a return is necessary.


    IRS requires that we transmit the Electronic Filing Authorization forms (Forms 8879 and SC 8453) through a secure medium which includes identity verification procedures.


    Tax Return Filing- policy

    Tax returns are filed upon completion of the E-File authorization and payment has been remitted for the tax preparation fee.


    Refund Status Information

    You will need the exact amount of the refund and your SSN. Refunds are generally issued within 21 days after your return has been received.


    Federal Refund:

    Go to: www.irs.gov/Refunds

    or download IRS2GO mobile app


    South Carolina Refund:

    Go to: https://www3.sctax.org/refundstatus/refund.aspx



    Payment Voucher Information

    When sending in payment information remember to include your SSN and the form name in the memo line.

    We recommend sending these payments certified with a return receipt, in the instance they do not receive your payment on time you would be able to argue interest and penalties.


    Make your tax payment online:


    IRS: https://www.irs.gov/Payments


    SC DOR: https://www3.sctax.org/dorepay/




    In the event that you need to file a PT100, you will be e-mailed the completed PT100 return at the time your tax return is finished.


    These need to be printed, signed & mailed to:



    COLUMBIA, SC 29214-0301


    Fax: 803.898.5484

    Email: bpproperty@sctax.org



    Extension Due Dates


    The corporate extension due date is: THURS SEPT 15, 2016


    The individual extension due date is: MON OCT 17, 2016


    * The extension is for the filing of the return. This does not constitute an extension on tax due. Any tax owed that is not paid by the due date will result in interest and penalties

    *SC issues a tax lien after 30 days on unpaid taxes, whether or not you have an active installment agreement with them



    Copy of your tax return

    A copy will be in your Sharefile account or we will provide you an electronic copy of your tax return upon request.


  • Sign your Engagement Letter

    For 2016 tax year